Jay Schabacker

1620 – Pilgrims land and form a Christian community in the US

1700 – Harvard and Yale universities founded on Christian principles

1776 – US nation formed on belief in God, “In God We Trust”

1859 – Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” (Man came from apes)

1900 – Evolution is now a “science”; Evolution taught in schools

1961 – Henry Morris’s “Genesis Flood”; Modern Creation Movement

1970-1990 – Numerous scientific Creationist organizations formed

2000-2019 – Ties between evolution teaching and the negative social consequences of evolution shown, with advancing problems in the US: Atheism, rise of unwed childbirths, drug abuse, crime, social violence, and suicide, (Man now acts like apes)

Let’s now try do do something about this progressive moral decline!

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